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Our team of savvy industry veterans understand the multitude of legal issues facing the physician-owned surgery center and ensure your practice continually operates within the law

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As part of our comprehensive suite of anesthesia practice management solutions, compliance is a necessary and ever-changing discipline. At Innovative Anesthesia, we work with a team of attorneys who are industry veterans, who understand the multitude of legal, regulatory and contract issues facing the physician-owned surgery center, to ensure that our client’s business continually operates within the law.

Since the time that the American Society of Anesthesiologists issued its compliance guide addressing the specific risk factors in anesthesia billing and the Office of Inspector General issued its voluntary compliance program guidance for physician practices, anesthesia practices have understood the importance of implementing and maintaining compliance programs. With the permanent implementation of the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor program and the OIG’s focus on the “company model” and various other arrangements, compliance continues to be of particular importance in the anesthesia field.
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