Operational Effectiveness

Innovative Anesthesia brings together its clinical and business management expertise to align with the goals of your facility. We can provide the necessary leadership to manage your day-to-day operations that grow your bottom line and allow you to provide the greatest level of care.

Innovative Anesthesia will create a custom policy and procedure manual for your facility, taking into account every aspect of the anesthesia department’s responsibilities. This comprehensive manual will address topics such as pre- and post-anesthesia evaluations, informed consent, patient safety issues and much more.

As part of our comprehensive service, Innovative Anesthesia takes responsibility for the review and management of all anesthesia related pharmaceutical supplies and equipment; which means less responsibility for your staff:

  • Assess and restock supplies and medications
  • Standardization of pharmacological and medical supplies as well as equipment
  • Assessment of intra- and post-operative patient monitoring systems

When you entrust the equipment and inventory management logistics function to Innovative Anesthesia, your clinical team can focus on delivering patient care.

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