Clinical Quality Leadership

Innovative Anesthesia welcomes the opportunity to take an active role in your quality and performance improvement programs. Once an onsite medical director and department staff are organized, we will work with you administration to finalize the appropriate program and documentation specific for your facility. Of course, if desired by administration, we can share insights and best practices acquired through many years of combined experience in order to build the optimal anesthesia department.

Our medical director will communicate expectations, periodically review anesthesia records, patient satisfaction surveys and/or incident reports that will be discussed at a monthly anesthesia department meeting. This process allows the team to continuously monitor the performance of the clinicians in the program, and allows for feedback to improve both individual and team performance and includes:

  • Mutually agreed upon anesthesia provider expectations
  • Pre-screening process to assure safety standards for patients
  • Anesthesia plan collaboration best practices
  • Monitoring guidelines
  • Post-procedure follow-up with patient

In the spirit of ongoing improvement and open communication, our anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists also receive periodic evaluations – always looking to incorporate your feedback and improve the level of service.

Innovative Anesthesia is committed to work in conjunction with the facility’s overall quality improvement and risk management programs. We will develop and recommend procedures designed to achieve consistency and quality of the services provided in the department by anesthesia personnel. We ensure that quality benchmarks and processes are consistently and effectively applied to your anesthesia services.

Let us help you manage your quality assurance process. Call us at 828-322-7305 or fill out this brief form to request a proposal that addresses your needs.