“Innovative Anesthesia has developed a clinical model along with quality assurance measures that allow gastrointestinal endoscopists to rely on the anesthesia professional for superior service and outcomes while providing GIs, at the same time, enhanced revenue for the anesthesia services.”
—Bergein Overholt, MD, Gastrointestinal Associates PC, Knoxville, TN

“Innovative Anesthesia, with its turn-key approach, relieves ASC administrative personnel, by staffing and managing CRNAs so they participate as part of the ASC team. This allows ASC staff to concentrate on their core responsibilities.”
—Judy Jackson, Administrator, Gastro Care LLC, Springfield, OH

“Innovative Anesthesia contracts, manages and bills cost effectively for all third-party reimbursement so our gastrointestinal practice can maximize third-party payer revenues.  The billing function for anesthesia is not completely compatible with other physician billing requirements so the efficiency Innovative Anesthesia provides allows us to maximize revenues at a competitive cost.”
—Shane Schweda, Chief Operating Officer, Austin Gastroenterology, PA, Austin, TX